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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Alabama Remains No. 1; Clemson, Oklahoma, Penn State and USC Round Out Super 16 Poll

(FLORIDA SPORTS WIRE) – The FWAA-NFF Super 16 Poll was established at the conclusion of the 2013 season by long-time partners, the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and the National Football Foundation (NFF).

Voters rank the top 16 teams in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision, and the results will be released every Sunday of the 2017 season; the individual votes of all members will also be made public.

 The pollsters consist of FWAA writers and College Football Hall of Famers who were selected to create a balanced-geographical perspective. The poll utilizes a program designed by Sports Systems to compile the rankings.

 1. Alabama

2. Clemson 

3. Oklahoma 

4. Penn State 

5. USC 

6. Washington 

7. Michigan 

8. Georgia 

9. Wisconsin

10. TCU 

11. Ohio State 

12. Virginia Tech 

13. Oklahoma State 

14. Auburn 

15. Miami (Fla.) 

16. Washington State 

OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Louisville (62), Notre Dame (20), Utah (16), San Diego State (15), Florida (13), Mississippi State (12), South Florida (10), Stanford (7), Florida State (6), Iowa (4), West Virginia (1), North Carolina State (1), Oregon (1).

POLL NOTES: Top-ranked Alabama received 40 first-place votes and easily held on to the No. 1 spot in the poll after shutting out Vanderbilt, 59-0, on the road. The Top 5 in the poll did not change, but No. 6 Oklahoma State slipped seven spots after losing to TCU. The Horned Frogs moved up six sports to No. 10. 

Florida State and Mississippi State fell out of the poll after losses and were replaced by Miami (Fla.) and Washington State, the latter of which entered the poll for the first time this season. Georgia also moved up four spots to No. 8 after beating Mississippi State.
The Big Ten led all conferences with four teams. The ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC each had three teams in the poll.
THIS WEEK’S KEY GAMES:  Mississippi at No. 1 Alabama; No. 2 Clemson at No. 12 Virginia Tech; Indiana at No. 4 Penn State; No. 5 USC at No. 16 Washington State (Friday); No. 6 Washington at Oregon State; No. 8 Georgia at Tennessee; Northwestern at No. 9 Wisconsin; No. 11 Ohio State at Rutgers; No. 13 Oklahoma State at Texas Tech; Mississippi State at No. 14 Auburn; No. 15 Miami (Fla.) at Duke (Friday).