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BOOKS: Crossman’s Book Ranked No. 1 on Goodreads Choice Awards; Wins Gold from Nonfiction Authors Association

ORLANDO, Fla.  –– In “Career Killer/Career Builders” author and lecturer John Crossman brings the depth of his personal and professional experience, that transcends professions and lifestyles, to the surface.

The eye-opening book that helps young professionals and college students reach their full potential by avoiding life choices that can cause them to ruin their careers is ranked No. 1 on the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards and recently won a prestigious Gold Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association.

Goodreads has always been about the readers, bringing together authors and their fans in a truly personal way. The Choice Awards are no exception, and is the only major book award decided by readers.

The Nonfiction Book Award is a year-round program honoring the best in nonfiction books. Hosted by the Nonfiction Authors Association.
Crossman shares his expertise and insight based from his most requested speech, The Top 5 Ways to Get Fired and The Top 5 Ways to Keep from Being Fired.

As president of Crossman & Company, one of the largest retail leasing, management and investment sales firms in the Southeast, Crossman’s guidance and insight comes from leadership in one of the most people oriented industries – commercial real estate.

“From my personal experience, there is a need for additional training resources for the millennials on the core aspects of being a professional. Our goal is to help them lead a healthy and successful life,” noted Crossman.

“Career Killers/ Career Builders” is the culmination of best-practice and bad-idea examples and anecdotes for over two decades of first-hand knowledge and experience.
Real world lessons learned from “Career Killers/Career Builders” are gleaned from John and his brother Scott building Crossman & Company into one of the industry’s most respected and thriving commercial real estate firms.

Written in clear, concise language, chapters also offer an inspiring exploration of an insider’s view on how to prepare for conferences, networking and success. The book is an invaluable resource for students, young professionals, as well as the people that employ them.

About John Crossman

John M. Crossman, CCIM is a nationally recognized writer, panelist and lecturer on successful careers. In addition, he is a mentor and a passionate advocate for young professionals. Mentoring students at universities and colleges throughout the Southeast, John is a sought-after expert offering insight on student advancement and professional and personal success.  John is president of Crossman & Company, a regional commercial real estate company. He is married and has two daughters.

Visit https://www.amazon.com/Career-Killers-Builders-Millennial-Should/dp/1946928003/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1491496712&sr=1-2