Tampa Bay Sports Day

The Skins New Superman

He’s the Redskins new Superman and his play is making Super Bowl Betting Options even more complicated.

Robert Griffin III has taken the NFL by storm and the Giants may be a bit worried this Monday night.

“I’m not going to say he’s Quarterback 4.0,” Defensive Lineman Chris Canty said, “but he’s a tremendous football player, and he’s a tremendous phenomenon. It’s been a long time since the league has seen this kind of speed at the quarterback position. I mean, you’d have to go back to, you know, early Michael Vick days, when he was with Atlanta.”

It’s this kind of QB that will drive the Giants nuts. They always had a problem with Vick and unlike the erstwhile Eagles quarterback, Griffin seems to be smarter and more poised at this early age.

“I take nothing away from the young man. He’s got a 104 passer rating, so, I mean, he’s ballin’, you know?,” Canty said. “He’s ballin’. He executes their game plan and their scheme very well. He’s got that team playing with confidence. Everybody in that locker room seems to believe in him, so he’s getting it done.”

The last time he met the Giants, only an Eli Manning last second bomb to Victor Cruz took away an amazing comeback win.

Now he gets a chance to do it to New York at home.

And if he continues his magical season the live Super Bowl odds will be changing in-game.