Tampa Bay Sports Day

Capital Odds

It’s not every day that you’ll find a DC sports team favored to win much of anything. Although it’s America’s capital and the place where most major decisions are made, it’s certainly not a city considered to be prime in the realm of sport. No one’s really sure why, but DC teams always fail to impress.

In the big four sports—baseball, basketball, football, hockey—Washington DC has four well-known teams. MLS is out, so DC United, although it still has a relatively large fan base, doesn’t quite make the national radar.

Speaking of national – DC’s baseball squad, the Washington Nationals, are also out for the time being. Although they’ll probably get Strasburg back next year, the fact remains that we’re now in the League Championships, and the Nationals long missed the playoffs.

Then you have the Wizards in the NBA. The Washington Wizards, although able to compete with the big boys when healthy, habitually underachieve in a way that makes you want to pull your hair out. Now they have Wall, a (mentally) healthy Arenas, and a real opportunity to make up some ground. Things are looking better.

But don’t go crazy just yet. Betting on the Wizards to make the playoffs is about the same as playing online craps. It’s just too much of a gamble. The Eastern Conference in the NBA, with the Celtics, Heat, Bulls, Magic and Hawks, is just too strong.

So, there are three of Washington’s squads on the nowhere list.

Next up we have the Redskins. This storied NFL franchise is revamped and ready for big things with McNabb at the helm and Mike Shanahan coaching. The ‘Skins’ defense is tougher, their offense is more explosive, and they seem to be playing with more focus.

Here we have a DC team with a solid chance of doing well. They’re favored to make the playoffs which, for all intents and purposes, will be a big success for the McNabb/Shanahan combo in its first season. But a Wild Card round is really as far as the team is expected to go. So in the big picture, mark a Washington parade off the list.

You don’t need to be a player at the best online casinos to know that 5:1 (20%) is pretty bad odds for most games. For sports, however, 5:1 is a really high number, and the Washington Capitals, the cream of the NHL crop, are currently 5:1 to go to and win the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Caps had their best season last year, although falling short, and only the Chicago Blackhawks are even remotely close to Washington in the odds polls at this early juncture. They scored more goals by far than any squad last season, and they’re looking strong again through the early going.

Out of every franchise in DC, the Capitals are undoubtedly the best right now.